The Wearable Opportunity

With a projected market size of $12.6 billion by 2018, the wearable industry promises a flood physiological devices and data that provide an unprecedented opportunity for insights. When companies connect heart rate data with sleep patterns and exercise regimens across millions of people, it opens up the opportunity to prevent heart attacks, catch illnesses before they happen, and increase overall quality of life.

How TempoIQ can Transform Your Wearable Experience

While the opportunity is great, the challenges to new entrants in the Wearables and Connected Device spaces is real. TempoIQ’s realtime alerting platform can help companies mitigate the risk of developing a big data solution while building smart devices and scaling manufacturing operations.

Alert on Smart Products in Minutes

If you're collecting data from smart products, you can route it to TempoIQ with just a few lines of code. Once you've connected the pipes, it only takes a couple clicks to create alerts. Now, you can build systems to monitor users who hit new usage highs, have stopped interacting with your product, or are experiencing an issue that may require maintenance.


Build Rich Interfaces with Long Range Historical Data

Because we never throw away or downsample data, you can build applications for your users that have graphs spanning months or years. Did they step milestone? Show a graph charting their progress for months. Are they using more on electricity? Show long term usage trends to help them understand how their spend fits in to the big picture.


Scale from 1 to 1,000,000 Devices with a Secure, Private Backend

TempoIQ’s proprietary data-store allows you to scale from one device to one million without impacting reliability. It’s a key piece of our private cloud infrastructure that gives you the security, isolation, and consistent performance needed for your critical business data.


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