Kansas City, MO
Brightergy is a new kind of energy company built around the ideas of efficiency and control. While scaling their product BrighterView, they approached us to run their sensor analytics backend.

"TempoIQ gives [our clients] insight into the performance of their system. That’s huge. Before, without this information they had trust that it [was] offsetting their utility bill. But now with all this data they can not only see the performance of the system but they can also understand and analyze."

Daniel Keith
VP of Technology

Brightergy + TempoIQ

Brightergy saves money for their clients by making them less dependent on traditional grid networks. To illustrate this, Brightergy needed a way to show their clients facts and analytics about their energy usage. In response, Brightergy built a system called BrighterView. which allows building managers to see real time data regarding the energy usage of their building.

As an energy firm, Brightergy did not have the desire to build and manage a backend of their own. Using TempoIQ allowed Brightergy to provide their clients with verifiable proof of their efficiency services without having to worry about providing an infrastructure of their own. Now, with the help of TempoIQ, Brightergy can show their clients how weather effects the energy production of the solar arrays they’ve installed so clients can maximize efficiency.

These systems have even opened up entirely new revenue streams for Brightergy. In addition to the sale and installation of local energy sources, now they can offer clients the ability to monitor and control their energy even without new installations.

“These products start off [as] complimentary products to what we’re building for our clients. We’re selling them a solar array and then using BrighterView to illustrate the production of the array. It’s evolved beyond that to being a revenue stream in and of itself. Without TempoIQ these additional streams are impossible. Helping us grow? They’ve given us the opportunity to build brand new products."

TempoIQ’s sensor analytics backend services allowed Brightergy show clients how to maximize their energy efficiency, in addition to giving Brightergy new revenue streams. All of this without the hassle of building it themselves.

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