The Solar Opportunity

With the power to capture, store, and analyze sensor data in real-time and at scale, the opportunities in the solar industry are staggering. At the end of 2013, solar electric installations were valued at $13.7 billion, up from $11.5 billion in 2012. With over $13 billion of equipment in the field, optimizations in maintenance costs and power output can substantially impact a company’s bottom line. This growth is only expected to accelerate, and competition in the space will respond to this increase in demand.

How TempoIQ Can Transform Your Connected Application

Start Monitoring Solar Installations For Outages in Minutes

When running a solar field, decision-making frequently comes down to sending a technician into the field to diagnose an issue. With realtime alerts, you can diagnose problems quickly and centrally, preventing unneeded field work and costly downtime. TempoIQ’s system constantly monitors conditions ranging simple thresholds to complex events, allowing you and your employees to move the business forward instead of refreshing a dashboard.


Add Context to Issues with High Resolution, Historical Data

Patterns and trends can be seasonal, especially in the solar industry, and insight from a year ago can help you optimize power output or diagnose panel issues today. Most tools force you to downsample data over time or get rid of historical data entirely. During this process, the defining features of the data are lost, as is the ability to perform fine-grained analysis. At TempoIQ, we never downsample or throw away data, allowing you to build applications that provide long term operational insight.


Scale to Million of Alerts Effortlessly

Whether you want to alert on one sensor or one million, we make it easy to get started. With our powerful SDKs and APIs, you can start sending sensor data to TempoIQ with just a few lines of code. With our alert creation interface, you can write alerts and receive notifications with just a few clicks.

We have a lot going on behind the scenes to make this happen - from horizontally scalable data storage, streaming analytics algorithms, and distributed realtime monitors - but we've abstracted it all away so you can focus on your application.


Clients in the industry

Daniel Keith

VP of Technology

"TempoIQ gives [our clients] insight into the performance of their system. That’s huge. Before, without this information they had trust that it [was] offsetting their utility bill. But now with all this data they can not only see the performance of the system but they can also understand and analyze."

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