The Smart Grid Opportunity

With an aging grid infrastructure, utilities and government agencies are looking for ways to deliver consistent power to everyone on the grid. Many companies are turning to data and analytics for the answer to these challenging questions. As a result, the Smart Grid Analytics market (dubbed the Soft Grid) is expected to reach $1.4 billion by 2020 in the United States, and $3.8 billion worldwide. This represents a huge opportunity for the smart grid ecosystem to deliver powerful tools that increase grid resiliency, provide fine-grain power control, and enhance efficiency in energy consumption.

How Realtime Alerts can Transform Your Grid Application

With just a few lines of code, you can begin sending data to TempoIQ and alerting on situations as they occur. Our simple APIs make it easy to get started, so you can:

Identify and Fix Anomalies Quickly

In energy, problems occur quickly, and a few minutes may be the only thing stopping you from preventing an outage or taking a critical component offline. TempoIQ allows you to write alerting rules that constantly monitor device data and alert on anomalies and other conditions. With TempoIQ, your users can stop refreshing dashboards and start moving their businesses forward.


Uncover Long-Term Trends with High Resolution Historical Data

While problems can occur in seconds, some trends and insights can only be uncovered over weeks, months, or years. While other timeseries tools force you to down-sample data over time or throw old data away, we store your full data set at the original resolution, giving you the power to gain new insight from the past.


Scale with Confidence in Our Secure, Private Cloud

When sensor data powers your most critical grid operations, reliability, security, and performance are always concerns. With TempoIQ’s private cloud architecture, we give you the security and isolation of an on-premise installation with the efficiency and scalability of a maintenance-free cloud environment.


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