The Resource Management Opportunity

In the measured world, companies who monitor capital-intensive resources gain an edge from decreasing sensor prices and increasing real-time analytical capability. The Building Automation and Control System market alone is expected to reach $50 billion by 2018, and the winners in this space will understand how to monitor and optimize systems at scale.

How TempoIQ can Transform Your Connected Applications

Identify and Fix Issues Quickly with Realtime Alerts

Our realtime alerting engine pushes notifications to users when sensor readings stray from normal operational thresholds, whether it’s vibration sensor signaling a malfunctioning machine, or a temperature sensor signaling a broken heating duct. With instant notifications, the right people can react to issues at the right time to prevent excessive downtime or equipment failure.


Diagnose Outages Accurately with Rich, Historical Data

Realtime alerts highlight problems quickly, but they may not have all the information to solve a problem. TempoIQ’s historical analysis tools allow you to build apps that provide critical context around alerts, such as past vibration statistics or prior failure conditions. Armed with the right information, workers in the field can make better decisions more quickly, saving downtime and repair time.


Start Alerting in Minutes and Scale When You Need To

Whether you have one sensor or one million, we make it easy to start sending data and receiving alerts. You can integrate with a few lines of code using one of our SDKs in multiple languages, define alerts with our point-and-click interface, and receive notifications via API or SMS.


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