The Oil & Gas Opportunity

With the increasing complexity of Oil & Gas operations, opportunities for cost savings, increased safety monitoring, and efficiency gains are higher than ever. In these complex environments, data and analytics are crucial, especially for assets deep underground or spanning hundreds of miles. As Peter Breunig, the GM of Technology Management and Architecture at Chevron IT, declared this year, “the last decade [in oil and gas] was devoted to Big Data. This is the decade of sensing.”

Sensing is becoming more important than ever before as oil prices fall and companies look to drive new efficiencies. The ability to reduce costs with preventative maintenance is more important than ever, as our co-founder and CMO Justin DeLay outlines in this CNBC report.

How Realtime Alerts Can Transform Your Connected Applications

Monitor Your Drills and Pipelines In Minutes

TempoIQ’s realtime alerting engine allows you to monitor all of your connected devices for anomalies and notify your front-line workers to prevent unnecessary downtime or safety issues. With push alerts, operators or technicians only get notified when an issue arises, allowing them to focus on the task at hand.

Start piping data into TempoIQ with just a few lines of code, and write your first alert in a couple clicks. Our SDKs and user-friendly interfaces are built to get you up and running quickly so you can focus on writing your application.


Discover Long-Term Trends with Historical Data at a High Resolution

In the Oil & Gas industry, trends can be defined in days, months, or years. Most tools force you to downsample data over time or get rid of historical data entirely. During this process, the defining features of the data are lost, as is the ability to perform fine-grained analysis. At TempoIQ, we never downsample or throw away data, allowing you to build rich long term models around oil production, equipment performance, and more.


A Scalable, Secure Private Cloud For Your Critical Operational Data

Even with decreasing sensor costs, the data sensors generate is as valuable as ever. With TempoIQ’s private cloud architecture, we give you the security and isolation of an on-premise installation with the efficiency and scalability of a maintenance-free cloud environment.


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