The Medical Device Opportunity

With connected medical devices, doctors can personalize medicine and insights, reducing patient downtime with remote monitoring and support. Hospitals can efficiently manage expensive machines and proactively replenish supplies, decreasing costs. Parents can monitor their children's fevers and medication, eliminating time off work. By combining multiple streams of sensor data, health care providers gain 360-degree visibility into a patient to deliver better care.

How TempoIQ can Transform Your Smart Medical Application

Provide Better Care with Realtime Alerts

With TempoIQ’s realtime alerts, you can instantaneously know if a patient’s vitals spike, a level is out of range, or equipment malfunctions. With just a few lines of code, you can start sending data to our secure backend and create alerts to monitor patient data. 

Give Personalized Insight at a Glance with Historical Data

Historical sensor data gives important insight into a patient's health that their charts might not show. We keep data forever at it's original resolution, so you'll never lose critical information that's been downsampled or thrown out after it's expiration date.

A Solution that Grows with Your Users

TempoIQ scales from 1 device to millions. We scale with you behind the scenes, so you can focus on building your application and growing your userbase


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