View Composer
With View Composer, you can create realtime, cloud-based IoT dashboards, application, & visualizations without coding- shareable with your team, your company, and your customers.
Modular & Extensible
Integrate realtime IoT data visualizations into your own dashboard, website, or application with a flexible View API.
Analytic Composer
With Analytic Composer, you can create custom analytics streams that find realtime insight in your IoT data, automatically stored in DataIQ and pushed to your application.
Smart Alerts
Create alerts that continuously monitor your stream of IoT data and analytics, warning you of unexpected changes or critical conditions in realtime.
Reports & Storage
Automatically store all of your IoT data and analytics in DataIQ, compose downloadable reports for further sharing and analysis.
Secure & Scalable
DataIQ automatically scales to meet the needs of your IoT application, with private cloud security built-in.
Connect Composer
The event data-based Connect API enables you to connect any IoT device, from anywhere, and start streaming data instantly, without-preprovising or pre-defined schemas.
Flexible & Scalable
ConnectIQ offers flexible connectivity and protocol support over HTTP with SSL security and MQTT, scaleable to millions of connected IoT devices.
Expert Cloud Service
TempoIQ is built on a fourth generation CODA cloud architecture, enabling you to rapidly build and launch your IoT app without complex infrastructure or IT integrations.
Extensible via API
With APIs for connectivity, analysis, alerting, and visualization, you can extend TempoIQ into your own application, with the flexibility to add new features over time.

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