TempoIQ Launches “No-Code” IoT Application Platform

Oct. 19, 2015, 12:32 p.m.

Chicago, October 20, 2015 -- TempoIQ™ today announced the launch of the the 4th generation of the company’s leading no-code application platform. Among TempoIQ’s first customers for the new version are Wilson Athletic, Danfoss Drives, Bison Engineering, Silicon Engines, and other innovative companies in both consumer and industrial markets. 

Built on five years of IoT application and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) experience, the new TempoIQ IoT application development platform introduces new products that deliver IoT applications and insights faster and with more flexibility than ever before.

With no-code application composer ViewIQ™, IoT product makers, asset owners and operators can quickly build their own custom applications, create real-time dashboards and design data visualizations with powerful time-travel reporting. Further, View IQ enables simple application and data sharing within an organization and ecosystem. Wilson Athletics’ new Wilson X Connected Basketball system is built with View IQ to provide marketing executives, product designers and customer service teams the real-time information they need to drive new product revenues.

AnalyzeIQ™ enables even more powerful insights with custom analytics that enrich, compute, and stream in real-time. One of its first users is Danfoss, the industrial products company. Says Danfoss Director of Strategy Tom Kappel, "With these tools we can optimize system performance, energy costs and customer productivity. TempoIQ brings the technology flexibility that customers count on from Danfoss."

The new TempoIQ application development platform further builds on the company’s experience in IoT data management with DataIQ™. Architected around a flexible event data model, Data IQ enables customers to collect all of their IoT data and instantly enrich it with additional context, from any product, device or department. With Data IQ, customers can store all of their IoT data with instant access for reporting and deeper integration into the organization. Hardware manufacturer Bison Engineering uses Data IQ’s powerful data management capabilities to drive their product research and development.

ConnectIQ™ extends TempoIQ’s flexible IoT data connectivity options by enabling instant-on device provisioning that allows any IoT product, any where, any time, to begin streaming data to TempoIQ in real-time. Connect IQ adds MQTT support to TempoIQ, enabling new types of products and applications. Sensor network experts Silicon Engines chose Connect IQ to power the company’s new Wisplet IoT Engine and deliver a completely integrated, out-of-the-box solution.

“Customers’ response to the new TempoIQ IoT application development platform reaffirms that enterprises want insights, not sensor data and IT consultants, and as a result we’re seeing adoption grow 4x what I had predicted early this year,” said Steve Subar, TempoIQ President and CEO. 

“With TempoIQ, companies can collect, store, analyze and manage IoT data faster than ever before. More importantly, individuals across the enterprise are empowered to create very sophisticated applications that drive business decisions without the need for legions of consultants required by earlier generation tools and freeware.”

About TempoIQ

TempoIQ is the Internet of Things Application Platform that saves time - the fastest path to IoT data visualization, real-time analytics and alerting, data collection and storage. The company’s PaaS-based solution is streamlined and focused on results, including a no-code composer for creating dashboards and reports, augmented by application templates for web and mobile.  TempoIQ's modular, 4th generation CODA architecture enables enterprises to choose only the data collection, analysis and storage features they need and innovate with a powerful REST API. 

TempoIQ implements a unique approach to IoT application development, guiding customers to application launch in as little as four weeks. Serving both Connected Product Manufacturers and Connected Asset Owners/Operators, TempoIQ’s solution solves the complex challenges of IoT, unlocking new insight into our infrastructure, our environment, and ourselves while accelerating the value of the Internet of Things.


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