TempoIQ Adds Support for Smartphone Platforms

Dec. 15, 2015, 9:35 a.m.

Today, IoT application platform provider TempoIQ announced streaming data support for Apple's iOS and Google's Android smartphone platforms. With the company's new Objective C, Swift, and Java templates, TempoIQ makes it simple to stream sensor data from the built-in sensors in modern iOS and Android smartphones, as well as from smart products and devices that communicate with these leading smartphone platforms. 

Says TempoIQ President and CEO Steve Subar, "increasingly, smartphones are serving as the bridge that connects IoT products and services to the internet and cloud services. With our new mobile code templates, TempoIQ makes it simple to collect sensor data from any product or device that can communicate with an iOS or Android smartphone and intelligently stream data in real-time to TempoIQ's IoT application platform. Further, today's smartphones are serving as IoT devices themselves, and our templates enable the real-time collection and streaming of data from the multitude of sensors that are already built into modern smartphones." 

Customers like Wilson Sporting Goods are using TempoIQ's mobile code templates to simplify their iOS and Android application development, accelerating the addition of new features and capabilities to their connected products and smartphone applications while improving the real-time capabilities of their unified IoT product experiences.

About TempoIQ

TempoIQ is the Internet of Things Application Platform that saves time - the fastest path to IoT data visualization, real-time analytics and alerting, data collection and storage. The company’s PaaS-based solution is streamlined and focused on results, including a no-code composer for creating dashboards and reports, augmented by application templates for web and mobile.  TempoIQ's modular, 4th generation CODA architecture enables enterprises to choose only the data collection, analysis and storage features they need and innovate with a powerful REST API. 

TempoIQ implements a unique approach to IoT application development, guiding customers to application launch in as little as four weeks. Serving both Connected Product Manufacturers and Connected Asset Owners/Operators, TempoIQ’s solution solves the complex challenges of IoT, unlocking new insight into our infrastructure, our environment, and ourselves while accelerating the value of the Internet of Things.