Modern, Responsive IoT Dashboards with ViewIQ V2.1

Nov. 30, 2015, 1:55 p.m.

Today, Chicago-based IoT application platform TempoIQ announced the release of version 2.1 of the company's no-code dashboard composer ViewIQ. The update enables customers to create modern, beautiful IoT dashboards that offer a range of data visualizations as well as real-time status, metric, and alert views. Version 2.1 of ViewIQ makes it easy for anyone to choose the data and visualizations that create new IoT insights, and assemble a customizable, shareable dashboard with drag and drop simplicity. Further, version 2.1 enables fully responsive support for a wide range of screen sizes, from desktop to tablet to mobile. Says TempoIQ CMO Justin DeLay, "with ViewIQ, IoT customers across a wide range of industries can finally create real-time dashboards that enable their organizations to maximize the value of their IoT data. ViewIQ is designed to enable anyone, regardless of technical capability, to create and share new IoT insight within their organization and beyond."

Built on top of TempoIQ's 4th generation IoT platform, ViewIQ fully leverages the power of the company's AnalyzeIQ real-time analytics and alerts engine and ConnectIQ connectivity manager to create a seamless IoT application environment. With TempoIQ, customers can enrich and transform raw IoT data from sensors, devices, and products into actionable real-time visualizations, analytics, and alerts. Combined with DataIQ, TempoIQ's historical data explorer and report generator, ViewIQ enables customers to learn from the past, understand the present, and predict the future of their IoT products and services.


About TempoIQ

TempoIQ is the Internet of Things Application Platform that saves time - the fastest path to IoT data visualization, real-time analytics and alerting, data collection and storage. The company’s PaaS-based solution is streamlined and focused on results, including a no-code composer for creating dashboards and reports, augmented by application templates for web and mobile.  TempoIQ's modular, 4th generation CODA architecture enables enterprises to choose only the data collection, analysis and storage features they need and innovate with a powerful REST API. 

TempoIQ implements a unique approach to IoT application development, guiding customers to application launch in as little as four weeks. Serving both Connected Product Manufacturers and Connected Asset Owners/Operators, TempoIQ’s solution solves the complex challenges of IoT, unlocking new insight into our infrastructure, our environment, and ourselves while accelerating the value of the Internet of Things.