Launch IoT Applications Faster with TempoIQ

Start creating IoT dashboards, mobile applications, and websites today- without writing code. TempoIQ's ViewIQ™ interactive application composer makes it simple to design and deploy realtime views into your IoT devices, applications, users and data, shareable with your company, your partners, and your customers, hosted in the cloud or embedded into your own applications.

  • Compose no-code IoT dashboards, mobile apps, and websites with ViewIQ application builder.
  • Create, share, and embed powerful realtime IoT visualizations, analytics, alerts, and reports in minutes.
  • Easily customize your IoT applicationss and views to match your company's branding and design.
  • Manage applications, users, and data flexibly and securely with authentication and permissions control.

Stay Flexible with the CODA 4.0 IoT Platform

Launch your IoT application now on the the most flexible, modular IoT platform. Start connecting devices and capturing your data today. Choose the IoT capabilities you need and add more at any time- all extensible with powerful APIs and backed by a fourth generation private cloud platform.


  • ConnectIQ™ - connect any thing with a flexible event data model, REST API, HTTPs, and MQTT.
  • DataIQ - collect and store all IoT data and analytics, forever, securely, with reporting and API access.
  • AnalyzeIQ - discover new IoT insights via composable streaming analytics and realtime alerts.
  • CloudIQ - host your IoT application and data in a private cloud that scales as your IoT project grows.

Partner and Accelerate with the Agile IoT Experts

TempoIQ is built by experts with years of experience launching, hosting, scaling, and innovating IoT applications. The unique IoT Accelerator process uses an Agile approach that cuts through IT complexity and focuses on results. Launch your IoT application in four weeks with service and support built-in.

  • Partner with the TempoIQ team to increase app launch velocity via a four week IoT Accelerator.
  • Collaborate and accelerate your IoT roadmap with Agile IoT Epic and Sprint project planning.
  • Create an IoT Scorekeeper that forecasts future growth and plans resource needs.

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